Brigade Consulting Services

Experience Excellence

We are a niche Salesforce Consultancy focusing on client-centric solutions. Meaning we don't make Salesforce anymore complicated than it already is - empowering your team to maintain your environment in an intuitive, user-friendly way.


Let us handle the day-to-day administration and ongoing maintenance of your Salesforce environment and free up your business leaders’ schedules to strategize and prioritize.


Automate your routines with code free automations so you don't have to invest in expensive developers.


Integrate your myriad of tools to keep your reps from having to navigate multiple places at once so they can focus on what they do best - serving your customers.


Have your staff manage your environment with our guidance, recommendations, insights, and best practices.

Privacy Policy
We don't sell or rent your personal information to any third parties for any purpose. You are the only owner of your Personal Data and can request disclosure or deletion at any time. We’ll use your information only to contact you about our services and products.